Do you shop at Kings or Kroger? 

Got a rewards card? 

Rewards Card.png
NOW You can financially  Support the Pucusana Project, at no cost to you!

The Pucusana Project has partnered with the King Soopers Community Rewards Program to help consumers support our nonprofit when buying everyday items, groceries, pharmacy drugs and gas.


ANY one, in ANY state who shops at King Soopers or Kroger stores can enroll and participate in order to help raise funds for The Pucusana Project! Once you link your King Soopers card to our nonprofit organization, all you have to do is shop and swipe your card or Alternate ID for us to earn money. 


But the best part is that it is at no additional cost to you. With every one of your purchases using your rewards card, The Pucusana Project earns points that King Soopers will pay over to us every quarter. 


 It’s that simple! With every purchase you make, money will go toward helping the poor of Pucusana. 

How to ENROLL and start helping The Pucusana Project? 

Click on the above link or follow the directions below


  • Go to www.kingsoopers.com

  • Go to the “Save” tab the left hand side

  • Click on “King Soopers Community Rewards”

  • Click “Enroll”

  • You will have to sign in using the account information for your Kings Soopers Card. If you do not have a card, create an account

  • Then search for The Pucusana Project by name or by using this code: BR276

  • Click Enroll


GREAT! Now your rewards card is linked to The Pucusana Project’s account and every time you shop, you’ll earn money for our nonprofit. 


We can not thank you enough for supporting The Pucusana Project through our best local grocery store King Soopers. Now go start shopping! And always remember to swipe your King Soopers Card or punch in your phone number (Alt ID) to get your savings and help The Pucusana Project every time you shop! 

How does it all work?

How much can The Pucusana Project earn?

King Soopers has dedicated $2.5 million every quarter to be divided amongst registered nonprofits. The amount earned is based upon the percentage of spending from those shoppers (who selected us) in relationship to the total amount spent by all enrolled shoppers.



  • Say all Pucu-Project shoppers spent a total of $10,000 in Jan, Feb and Mar.

  • All community reward shoppers who support charities spent a total of $5,000,000 ($5 M) in the same quarter: Jan, Feb and Mar.


  • 10,000 divided by 5,000,000 = .2%

  • .2% of 2,500,000 = $5000.


The Pucusana Project would receive a check for $5,000 approximately one month (May 1) after the end of the quarter from King Soopers (Jan, Feb, and Mar).