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2019 Year Recap

2019 was a strong second year for The Pucusana Project. We held two community projects, a community event, had our first group trip and started construction on our new property wall.

The first community project was a free after school study hall program for all of our old students (if you recall, we were forced to close our school in Dec 2018). Many other students from the surrounding public and private schools also attended. Our study hall was focused on university exam preparations and we are proud to say that all eight of our seniors who participated in the study hall have passed their entry exams and been accepted into Universities.

Our second project was the Women’s Cooking Workshop. This workshop was focused on helping women and single mothers living in Pucusana’s poorest neighborhood (the barrios). Through business training and food education, we were able to help teach these women how to cook desserts and make money – giving them a monumental advantage for economic growth. In September 2019, the women who attended our class joined together in forming their own dessert catering company. Using their own skills, talents and God-given abilities, these women are taking their own steps out of poverty. We are very proud of them. Their dessert business launched in early January 2020 and The Pucusana Project is partnering along side them in 2020 for phase two of our business training program.

This is still an ongoing project.

At the end of September 2019, The Pucusana Project and our partner nonprofit La Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP Pierre Laplace hosted our first community outreach event. The Pucusana Project collected 800 pieces of clothing in June and July with the objective of helping clothe the families in the barrios, which was the main reason behind our event. Our event had outdoor games, music, food, a children’s playground and, of course, the clothing. We also passed out 50 NIV Spanish Bibles. Because of our ticket system, entrance fee and collection boxes, we were able to honor our companies No Free Hand-Outs Policy. “Help us help others” was the theme of the event and we were blow away at how many men, women and children donated what little money they had to help improve their impoverished community. The event was overall a complete success and our companies are becoming known for good, quality, positive impact in Pucusana.  

Our first group trip was made up of mostly family and Board members, but it was still an impactful visit for our local team. We spent a lot of time learning about Peru/Pucusana and why our local projects look the way they do. The group helped make all the decorations for the Clothing Event and bought a 7ft tall cross that now sits at the top of our garden overlooking our property. The cross has an engraving on it that reads in Spanish, “John 8:12 - Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

We did great things in 2019 and God has paved the way for us to keep moving forward. We pray for God to bring Christian revival to Pucusana through our work and we want you to be a part of that too. Please consider being a monthly financial supporter of The Pucusana Project. Help us alleviate poverty and bring Christ to Pucusana Peru. We have high hopes for 2020. We need $50,000 to buy the property we currently work out of and start construction on our new school. We will continue with community projects and educational workshops for the community as well.

For more information on everything that took place in 2019, please check out our other News/Blogs and our YouTube channel. And please do not hesitate contacting us to see how you can get involved.

Sincerely in Christ,

~Allison Wallace~

Founder and President of The Pucusana Project


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