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Clothing Donations Needed!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

The Pucusana Project is asking for clothing donations! Why? Because we will be back in Pucusana come September 2019 and we're hosting a big Clothing Event for all the families living in the Barrios of Pucusana.

This past March, during our last visit to Pucusana, our local ministry leader, Elena Prado, spoke with a group of mothers from the barrio community and asked them what was needed. Their reply was practical and humbling, "We need clothing. Our children need clothes".

"That simple conversation was eye opening for me", says our CEO Allison Wallace. Clothing drives and donations to places like GoodWill are easy everyday activities in the US. Thrift store shopping is a fun activity people even like to do, some making it a hobby. But no such places exist in 3rd world countries. Allison Wallace continued saying, "I knew it wouldn't be difficult to ask for clothing donations or even that expensive to fly them to Peru. Providing clothing for the poor isn't the hard part, it's how we do it that puzzled me".

Here at the Pucusana Project, we believe that helping the poor starts with them feeling dignified, not by giving them handouts. Dignity comes from self empowerment, entitlement comes from handouts. With that said, we do not turn a blind eye to the physical needs of the poor either. But we want to help the underprivileged by showing them how to help themselves too.

So after a few discussions with our ministry leaders in Pucusana, we came up with the clothing event idea for the people living in the barrios. We'll provide the clothes and the people will "donate" whatever money they can to specific causes in order to receive the donated clothing. For example, they can choose to donate money to help us buy more water or purchase more flowers in the garden or even pay taxes for the property in 2020. We're helping provide them with clothing, and they can help us provide for the property in which our ministry works out of. "Help us, help you". Thus killing two birds with one stone - helping (not enabling) the poor while also helping our ministry in Pucusana be self-sustaining.

The poor, just like everyone else, work hard for their money and deserve to feel empowered by that money to provide for their families. Our event will have games for the kids, food and music. The community will get to participate in an event that is fun and dignified while still filling their practical needs.

So if you’d like to donate, please contact Allison Wallace in the comments here or on Facebook messenger for what we need and where to drop off your old clothes.

Thank you


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