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End of 2018 Recap

2018 was a difficult and rewarding year for the Pucusana Project. As our 1st year comes to a close, I am blow away by the tremendous support this nonprofit has received. Our net-income was $18,722.20 and 78% of it went right to our ministry in Pucusana. I am just in awe of others generosity and continually thankful to God for all He has blessed me with. Through these donations, The Pucusana Project supported 10 students to attend our partner Christian High School, Pierre Laplace in Pucusana Peru. In September and October, we were able to donate art tools, sports supplies and Christian materials to the school as well. We also launched a partnership with another nonprofit named OneFamily. With their help we hope to bring stable households and useful parenting tools to families in Pucusana.

During the fall, our partner school took a huge hit when a corrupt official stole money from their operations budget claiming it was for the usually annual fees. For months the school struggled to support itself and all of the Teachers agreed to receive half-salaries. But through the tremendous generosity of many people, The Pucusana Project was able to give more than enough money to cover what was stolen and pay the teacher through the end of the year. I personally was able to speak with the teachers and share in their tears when giving them their greatly deserved paychecks.

We finished our year in a hard place. Since 2015, the Peruvian government has passed laws requiring all public and private schools to follow new guidelines for what their schools must offer and look like. While all of these changes are for the better (demanding play areas, gardens, cafeterias, clinics, teacher lounges, etc.), many schools have been forced to close. In light of facing many fees and a possible forced shutdown, my partner ministry in Pucusana and I decided to close the school for the time being. This was a devastating decision that we did not take lightly.

Luckily, we already had a plan in place for building a new and improved school. While we did not anticipate having to close the school before the new one was open, we are doing our best to continue helping our previous students through after school programs and projects.

In 2019, all our efforts are going to be on raising funds and building our new school. This facility will cover all grades from elementary through High school and offer large outdoor play areas including a volleyball court, 2 basketball courts, a soccer field, jungle gym and gardens to relax in. We will have a complete computer and science lab, full clinic, a teacher’s lounge and conference rooms. Our dream is to open this school, and through student sponsorships, enable some of the poorest children living around our property access to attending such an elite private school.

In the future, we will also use this facility to offer free classes in Math, English, food nutrition and reading to the adults in the area. Along with business training, we hope these free classes will enable more and more adults to step out of poverty using their God given talents. And lastly, through this facility we hope to teach the Word of God, open a Christian Church and host an annual Worship conference. My deepest desire is to spark revival of the Holy Spirit and create strong belief in Jesus Christ in Pucusana. We hope this new facility will truly turn into a pillar of light that shines strongly for Christ in this small fishing town. I hope that anyone reading this will continue to prayerfully and financially support The Pucusana Project as we continue with our building plans and future goals.


~Allison Wallace~

Founder /President of The Pucusana Project


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