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GivingTuesday is right around the corner! - December 1st 2020.

Be a part of the biggest fundraising day of the year.

Last year, through social media and our website, we raised $5,000.

Will you help us reach our new goal of $10,000 this year?

Why donate to The Pucusana Project?

It has been a difficult year for all of us. But some have suffered far more than others.

Covid19 has created a Global Hunger Crisis for underdeveloped countries. Lock down has destroyed the economies of countless 3rdworld countries that rely greatly on tourism to survive. In Peru, over 75% of the workforce is made up of jobs that only provide a day’s wage. Millions of people rely on continual day-to-day work in order to feed their families. Quarantine not only ended those jobs, but also made it incredibly difficult to access food even for those who had the money to pay for it. For most of 2020, millions of impoverished communities were starving while also trying to fight the virus. There is no denying that impoverished countries are suffering far more now than ever before.

Peru was struck especially hard by Covid and was in the top 10 worst off countries in the world for most of 2020. Their health care system collapsed back in May and people were turned away at hospital doors.Families were told that if someone dies in their house, to wrap them in cloth and cardboard and place them in the street the following morning for a truck to pick them up. Thousands have been buried in mass graves. Of those who were tested, 1 in ever 3 Peruvians had Covid19. And to top it all off, now there is increased crime and political unrest in Peru. Mafias have made power plays in Congress which has led to many protests in the capital and the removal of 2 Presidents.

But with all of the darkness and anxiety, there is still hope for Peru. Since March 2020, The Pucusana Project has work hard to feed thousands of starving people in Pucusana (Peru’s poorest district on the coast). We have supplied Soup Kitchens and have given thousands of food boxes to the most vulnerable neighborhoods and households. Every month, our local team delivers hundreds of food boxes to saves lives. One food box cost roughly $40 USD to put together and feeds a family of five in Pucusana for one month! With every box we deliver, we share the Word of God and leave Bible Verses on a piece of paper. We spread hope by telling the people that they are not alone. That every single one of them is cared for, not only by God, but by the dozens of US Americans who donate their money to feed them.

Knowing complete strangers care for you inspires the hope these people need to continue moving forward. But the hardships of 2020 are not ending in 2021. We estimate that we will be feeding those starving in Pucusana well into the Spring of 2021, possibly much longer. Please donate to The Pucusana Project to help us continue in our food relief efforts.

How to donate:

1) On December 1st, 2020, starting at 6am, Facebook will match the first 7 million dollars donated to any nonprofit having a GivingTuesday fundraiser on social media. If you have a Facebook, please donate to The Pucusana Project through there on December 1st.

Our GivingTuesday fundraiser page is linked here:


* The earlier you donated on the morning of December 1st, the higher our chances are of your donation being matched by Facebook.


2) If you do not have a Facebook, you can donate through PayPal on our website at:


Thank you so much.

In Christ,

~ Allison Wallace ~

President of The Pucusana Project


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