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Part 1 of 3: The Power of Prayer

Highlights from Pucusana Trip: Fall 2018

Part 1 of 3: The Power of Prayer

I arrived in Peru on Thursday September 13thand right away I felt weird. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt tired, heavy and gross. At first I thought this was because I’d been traveling for 12 hours and barley slept on my overnight flight. But even on my two-hour drive from Lima to Pucusana, I could tell something was off.

That night at dinner, my host family (who also runs my partner ministry/school in Pucusana), proceeded to tell me about some of the hardships they’ve been facing over the past 4 months.

Here are the problems I walked into:

· Many students were acting out in ways we’ve never had to deal with before.

· Almost every student had some sort of toxic home life and lack of parental presence.

· One student has been consistently bringing knives to school

· Another student is having intense anxiety attacks and contemplating suicide

· A bunch of girls were experimenting with “cutting”

· One 13 year old was having sex with an older student and her father was trying to get him arrested…

· Another student claims to hear voices in his mind telling him to hurt others

· Corrupt officials fabricated debts against the Principle and stole $2,500, which was the entire operations budget for the school.

· For 3 months, teachers were being paid half salaries, the Principle wasn’t even paying herself and there was no extra money to simply buy paintbrushes.

· Harsh gossip was circulating about the school and the Principle resulting in superiors sabotaging them in regards to documents owed to the state, which cost us more money in fees with the Ministry of Education.

· City hall was purposely refusing stadium reservations without reason anytime the school tried to reserve dates

· All construction on the new property was at a halt

· And politically the country was a mess but it’s been like that for years.

The next day at the school I saw first hand many of the problems explained to me the night before. What the heck was going on? Why was this happening? Our school, the students, our ministry, the new property, the guard dogs, everything was under clear attack. This was persecution against us if I’d ever seen it before. And while many of our problems were financial, physical and had real people doing evil against us; the root of it all was spiritual warfare. I could feel it in my bones. My spirit had been upset since I landed. Like it was constantly pressing against another force. A demonic presence was here like I’d never felt before in Pucusana. Evil was lurking at the school, whispering lies into the student’s ears, working against our Christian efforts and putting a cloud of darkness over the property.

Two days later, I couldn’t sit and do nothing anymore. I thought about ways I could try to help these problems. First and foremost, we needed to get the school back on track to being financially self-sustaining. We have to replace the stolen money. So Saturday night, The Pucusana Project started a fundraiser on Facebook and the website to raise $3,000. After posting, I literally looked up to heaven and said “okay God, you’ve got to help me on this one because I have no idea who to ask for this money”.

I also sent out an e-mail to every trusted “inner circle” Christian I knew telling them about what was happening and asking them for financial and prayer support.

The following morning was a sweet time of Sabbath because I had the house all to myself. I played Spanish worship music and listened to a sermon. But I could not stop thinking about the evil I felt at the school. I was angry. I was sad. How do you fight an evil you cannot see? What could I do to help?


So I got serious about praying.

I worshiped and prayed all morning into the afternoon. I got on my knees and prayed for God to come to Pucusana and take a stand against the evil that was there. I asked God to work in the hearts of those around us and bring to me strong Christians who could help aid in our efforts. I also prayed that God would send two Angels to the new school property to protect it. I prayed and prayed for Gods protection and for God to show me steps out of the spiritual and financial problems that lay before me.

When my host family came home that evening, I spoke with them about the demonic presence I felt at the school. They agreed that we were fighting an enemy we could not see. We talked about prayer and how we needed to get serious about rooting our ministries in it. What would it look like to have teachers pray every morning? Can we even legally ask them to do that? Could we get a group together to pray over the new property? Who can we ask to be praying with us? We had lots of good ideas and many unanswered questions.

Before going to bed, I checked the online fundraiser.

It was at $1,200.

In one day!

We were almost half way. I couldn’t believe it. I had no doubt we’d raise the money needed before I went back to the States. Getting it physically to Pucusana was another road I would have to cross when the time came. But I went to bed full of joy and thankfulness for God’s faithfulness.

A few days later, I called my Dad just to check in. After some small talk, my father goes “Allison, I have to tell you something crazy! Like it’s crazy! This has never happened to me before!”

Intrigued I said “What?!”

Now before I retell what he said, you must understand that my Father is your stereotypical white Baptist Christian. Hates modern contemporary worship, likes singing out of hymnal books. Prefers male Pastors and that everyone dresses in their Sunday best when going to Church. He also believes that while not extinct, the Spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit seen in the Bible are for the most part dead today. I on the other hand, while not charismatic by any means, do believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and it’s gifting’s and practice more modern worship at my Evangelical church. So what my father preceded to tell me was amazing but the most shocking part was that God chose my father to be the one to forward on the answer to my prayers.

My Dad told me that on Sunday morning (the same morning I prayed for hours and hours) while he was at church singing, he felt an intense force hit him making him sit down in his pew. He said he immediately started to think about me in Peru. For no reason he could explain, he said he started to pray as hard as he could and within seconds saw two huge Angels fighting demons at our school property. He described the battle as the craziest thing he’d ever seen. These Angels knocking down black shadows with swords and moving around our school building defending its doors and windows so that no blackness could enter. He said he was shocked from what played out in his mind but had to tell me no matter how crazy it sounded.

I was speechless.

All I could get my mouth to say was “Dad, I think you had a vision from God.”

I started to tear up as I explained to him what I was praying for at the exact same time that he has this vision. We both went silent and sat in awe and wonder at the incredible power and awesomeness that is our God.

And I will testify that although we still faced struggles with some students, the darkness at our new school property was gone for the remainder of my visit and the students had ears to hear the words of God spoken to them while I was there. Many of them accepted my challenge to get real about God at their young at.

Praise be to God and what an awesome God we praise!

End of part 1 of 3


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