Making A Difference

The Pucusana Project is working on a number of different projects and classes through our local partner ministry. We believe these activities are the best way to reach the unchurched and help the poor overcome their own circumstances themselves. We do not give handouts of any kind. We provide opportunities to work with the locals to bring about positive changes to the community of Pucusana.  

Property Purchase & Building Plans


The Pucusana Project believes that education is the first step in overcoming poverty and social issues. We believe that all the children living in the barrios of Pucusana have the right to a higher quality of education than what is provided by the Peruvian public school system. 


We partner with a Christian nonprofit in Pucusana called The Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP. This nonprofit had the only Christian school in Pucusana. They have a 100% graduation rate and a 90% collage acceptance rate - compared to the 2% acceptance rate in the public schools. This school was known for its excellence and student sponsorship program. They had the tools, teachers and programs to enable the best future for their students. But in 2018, they were forced to close due to new government regulations on school structures and sizing. 


Therefore, the main priority of The Pucusana Project is to buy a larger property and build a new school facility. This school will cover all grades from elementary up and have a science and computer laboratory, a teachers lounge, conference rooms, 10 classrooms, a clinic, recreational fields, courts and playgrounds along with a garden and an outdoor eating hall. Roads, gates and fences will also need to be built for the students and properties protection. We hope to furnish and equip each classroom with state-of-the-art computer technologies. With this expansion, The Pucusana Project can sponsor hundreds of children living in the barrios to have a quality education, which in turn will give these children a fighting chance to attend college and have financially stable careers.


This facility will also be the home for all our projects and outreach, future church, worship conference and all classes for the adults living in the area. We are currently raising funds for the property purchase and facility construction with the goal of reaching $500,000. 


Providing a Christian Stronghold

Starting a Christian Church is at the forefront of our ministry after building our new facility. We deeply believe that revival of the Holy Spirit in Pucusana is greatly needed. While most of Peru would identify as Catholic, the majority of people are not actually practicing believers. Oppressed by legalistic traditions, the people don’t have any idea what an authentic relationship with God looks like or what the Bible truly says. 

The Pucusana Projects greatest hope is to provide Pucusana with its first thriving Evangelical Christian Church. We want to revive the Holy Spirit’s presence in this small fishing town through powerful worship, prayer and motivating Biblical preaching. This is something the people of Pucusana have never seen or experienced. We hope to see Bible studies and small groups begin as fruits of this ministry and for many generations to be changed by the undeniable presence of God in Pucusana. 

Through this church, we will also start an annual worship conference with contemporary worship and speakers. There is tremendous power in how the Holy Spirit moves in individuals during worship and group prayer so we want to provide that opportunity through a large worship conference every year in the barrios of Pucusana. Through this we believe we will see dramatic growth of the Christian faith throughout Pucusana.


Educate, Empower, Enable

The Pucusana Project is currently working with our partner ministry in Pucusana to launch programs for the adults in the barrios. Only 2% of the adults in this town finished high school which has inhibited them from making any kind of career advancements. So we plan to launch many free community educational programs over the next few years out of the new property.


We want to provide Health education, Food Nutrition, Recycling, Environmental/Ocean Pollution alleviation, Parenting and Business courses to help these adults take steps toward better lives for themselves and their families. The purpose of these community projects and classes is to also help equip, encourage and enable adults living in Pucusana to be a part of positive community change and economic growth themselves. 


In 2019, we launched two projects. First, a baking class to teach local mothers living in the barrios how to prepare desserts that can be sold as another form of income. The second project is the opening of a community garden to teach the importance of recycling and food nutrition basics. 

We are continually taking donations for our community projects. Each project or class we provide costs around $3,000 a year. 


Enabling Economic Growth

The Pucusana Project hopes to provide a free business course once a year. Classes will be taught by successful businessmen and women from the United States and Peru. This 2-week long course will teach basic business education, one-on-one help with resumes, interview conduct, creating business proposals and help start-up’s understand required government guidelines and documentation. 

We hope this program will encourage and enable the poor to start their own companies, expand, pay employees with benefits and work in accordance with the Law, not around it. Our goal is to bring more financial stability to the families in Pucusana outside of the local fishing industry. We also hope that this program enables more people, predominantly the nonworking women, to start their own companies. 

We are still in the beginning stages of starting this course so your prayers toward us finding individuals and company partnerships is greatly appreciated. We hope to launch this program in Spring of 2021. 


The Pucusana Project relies solely on the donations and contributions of others. Please donate by clicking below.

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