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Community PROJECTS

Making A Difference

The Pucusana Project is working on a number of different projects and classes through our local partner ministry. We believe these activities are the best way to reach the unchurched and help the poor overcome their own circumstances themselves. We do not give handouts of any kind. We provide opportunities to work with the locals to bring about positive changes to the community of Pucusana.  


Providing a Christian Stronghold

Starting a Christian Church is at the forefront of our ministry. Which is why our founder and her family moved to Pucusana to become missionaries. We deeply believe that revival of the Holy Spirit in Pucusana is greatly needed and now, post pandemic, is the time to reap a harvest.


While most of Peru would identify as Catholic, the majority of people are not actually practicing believers. Oppressed by legalistic traditions, the people don’t have any idea what an authentic relationship with God looks like or what the Bible really says. 

The Pucusana Projects greatest hope is to provide Pucusana with its first thriving Evangelical Christian Church. We want to revive the Holy Spirit’s presence in this small fishing town through preaching the good news, providing powerful worship, encouraging prayer and teaching through discipleship. This is something the people of Pucusana have never seen or experienced.

We believe in an organic church model - meaning church can be held anywhere and should always be multiplying; but we do hope to eventually have a place to worship and gather inside our future school facility.


Educate, Empower, Enable

The Pucusana Project offers many projects to help the community and children in the public school system. 

Currently we host a tutoring program on Saturday mornings to help children gain back the two years of schooling they lost during the pandemic. We also have a Mobile Library car that travels around to the impoverished neighborhoods providing read-aloud time, games and coloring pages for the poorest kids. 

In the past, we have help with environmental change by cleaning out the trash from the port, planting new plants on the boardwalk and supporting programs that better educate the fishermen on recycling and ocean pollution. 

 The purpose of these community projects and classes is to also help equip, encourage and enable children and adults living in Pucusana to be a part of positive community change themselves. 

We are continually taking donations for our community projects. Each project we host costs around $500 per event and each class costs around $3,000 a year. 


Enabling Economic Growth

Pre and post pandemic, The Pucusana Project provides educational programs for the adults in the barrios. These programs include but are not limited to teaching English, business training in cooking, sewing and haircuts, and learning computer programs like excel.

We hope these program will encourage and enable the poor to start their own companies, expand, pay employees with benefits and work in accordance with the Law, not around it. Our goal is to bring more financial stability to the families in Pucusana outside of the local fishing industry and tourism. We also hope that this program enables more people, predominantly the non-working single mothers, to start their own companies. 

We are still in the beginning stages of starting many of these courses, so your prayers toward us finding individuals and company partnerships is greatly appreciated.

Please DONATE To Our Cause

The Pucusana Project relies solely on the donations and contributions of others. Please donate by clicking below.

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