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Meet Our Partners

La Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP is a local Peruvian Nonprofit in Pucusana. Owned and operated by Elena Prado Effio, this nonprofit contributes to the devastating needs of Pucusana through education and community outreach. The Pucusana Project works directly with this nonprofit to accomplish our shared goals in Pucusana.


For the past 18 years, The Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP has run Pierre Laplace High School. This school has a 100% graduation rate and averages a 90% college acceptance rate with most of their students attending University on Scholarship. This school is known for its excellence in math and has won National chess competitions.  The school hires Professors from Lima City, which enables it to offer a much higher level of education than the surrounding public and private schools. Many of these students have gone on to University to study careers and some have become doctors, lawyers, and translators.


This nonprofit also contributes tremendously to the community by providing classes to the uneducated adults. In past years they have offered cooking classes and craft lessons to help the women in the community gain more income.


​With the purchase of a large property and the building of a new facility, The Pucusana Project and The Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP hope to expand their educational ministry to all of Pucusana. 

Asociacion Educativa Y Cultural De La IEP

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The Brethren Church - Ohio

The Brethren Church - Ohio

The Brethren Church is a Global Church Planting Nonprofit with hundreds of church locations all over the world. The Pucusana Project works alongside the Brethren Church Global Partners Ministry hoping to build and open the first genuine and modern Christian Church in Pucusana. The Brethren Church Global Partners Ministry is committed to helping Elena Prado Effio and Allison Wallace in obtaining a large property and building a school facility. Through this facility, the Brethren Church will help us launch a Christian church, worship conference and Bible studies. The Brethren Church and The Pucusana Project are passionate about bringing Christian revival to Pucusana. 

About: Homepage_about
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ONEFAMILY - Colorado

OneFamily serves families all over the world by providing parents with practical tools to improve their marriages and create healthy thriving families – one family at a time. They are anchored by the parenting philosophy and methodology of Parenting from the Tree of Life by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. OneFamily seeks to establish Tree of Life programs in small groups, communities, neighborhoods, churches, and wherever healthy families are desired.  


The Pucusana Project has partnered with OneFamily to bring stability and healthy relationships to the families in Pucusana through community projects and classes for adults. OneFamily is currently working to translate all of their materials and programs into Spanish and become electronically accessible.

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