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The Pucusana Project was created by Allison Wallace in February 2018. She has been working in Pucusana Peru with her co-leader Elena Prado Effio since 2013.


Elena was the principle of a Private Christian High School named Pierre Laplace. From 2013-2017 Allison helped teach English and Bible classes in the school during her yearly visits. She also helped with projects, community outreach and was even asked to speak at the Graduation ceremony of the 2017 class. 


In 2017, Allison lived in Pucusana and helped remodel and renovate a three story office building for future school use. It was at this time that Allison decided to form a nonprofit to further help physically and financially aid her and Elena's Christian dreams for Pucusana. 


It is the mission and goal of The Pucusana Project to help alleviate poverty in Pucusana Peru by providing quality education to all, helping with social issues and family dynamics through Christian community, and by bringing financial growth through business and entrepreneurship training. 

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Allison and Elena’s relationship started back in 2008 when Allison first went on a mission’s trip to Pucusana. At that time, Allison’s boyfriend (now husband’s) family had known Elena for a few years and were financially supporting her Christian school. After Allison’s marriage, she became more involved with supporting Elena. She wrote a Bible curriculum for the school, took month long trips every year and became very involved with obtaining a larger property for the school to expand. She and Elena have become great friends with the same common goal for Pucusana, to see Christ transform this impoverished city. 


Elena Prado Effio

Elena Prado Effio has either been a private tutor, teacher or school Principal all her life. She is a compassionate educator, helper and achiever. She is fluent in English and has two sons. 


When Elena was a child, her family would vacation in Pucusana because her Grandfather did much charity work there to help alleviate poverty.


In her adult life, Elena went back to visit and saw the devastating poverty and lack of education that was taking over the town she loved. After this, she felt a call from the Lord to uproot her life from Lima, leave her well-paying job and start a school from scratch in Pucusana out of her families old summer home. Almost 20 years later, that school was the best private facility in Pucusana and the surrounding towns.


Elena loves the Lord and has a faith that surpasses understanding. She does everything she can to further His kingdom and help Pucusana thrive through one-on-one relationships and education.

Allison Wallace

Allison Wallace has been working in Global Missions for eight years, has written three Christian Bible Study curriculums being used in Spanish Ministries in Central and South America and is the Founder and President of The Pucusana Project Inc. She is a challenger, reformer, writer, and determined individual. Allison has two degrees, one in Communications from the University of Phoenix and the other in Theology and Biblical Studies from Regent University. She married her high school sweetheart, has one son, enjoys diving in Pucusana and biking in Colorado. She is well travelled and has a heart for Spanish culture.  She has a deep relationship with the Lord and believes He has put a calling on her life for poverty alleviation and given her a heart for helping revive Pucusana. 

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The Prado Name

Elena's family name is Prado and the Prado family has a long legacy of helping others in need. With a National War Hero and two Peruvian Presidents, this family is well respected in Peru. From 1956-1962, Peru's President was Manuel Prado Ugarteche, Elena's uncle, and he met US President Kennedy in 1961. Manuel dedicated a large park in Lima to President Kennedy for the work they did together to help Peru. Manuels father was Mariano Ignacio Prado, who also served as President of Peru twice. 

Our future school will be named after Leoncio Prado, who was the son of Mariano, brother of Manuel and Elena's grandfather. Leoncio is most known for his military career and a Military Academy in Lima was named after him in 1944. Later in his life, Leoncio worked to help the impoverished community of Pucusana and a street is named after him there. We are proud to continue the Prado family legacy through providing a quality education to children and business training to adults in Pucusana. 

Meet Our Team

The Board of Directors and Officers at The Pucusana Project are committed to bringing awareness to the issues Pucusana faces, fundraising and supporting the nonprofits mission. They vow to seek the Lord in all their decision making and fund distributions. 


Allison Wallace

Board Member - President - Missionary

Allison is the founder and President of The Pucusana Project. She has an AAS in Communications and a BA in Theology and Biblical Studies. With over 7 years of ministry experience in South America, she is a courageous leader who is passionate about poverty alleviation through education and business growth. 


Topher Wallace

Board Chairman - Missionary

Topher dedicated five years to video production for churches and nonprofits before transitioning to a full-time missionary role in Pucusana in 2023. His connection to Pucusana began at the age of 15, and he is now an integral member of our team. Fluent in Spanish, Topher leads our projects, serving as the crucial link between the American and Peruvian aspects of

our ministry.

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Ryan Chapel

Board Member

Ryan is a seasoned creative professional who has spent most of his career working as a Creative Director. As a visionary with a penchant for innovative and unconventional thinking, Ryan brings a wealth of creativity to our board. His extensive global travel has equipped him with a unique and valuable perspective on international charity work. Ryan is also a family man with a beautiful wife and three daughters.

Diana B&W.jpg

Diana Bailey

Board Member

Diana is a dynamic leader with decades of experience serving nonprofits and global missions. Born to missionary parents in Angola, She grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa. She also served on the Board of ChristAid, an educational nonprofit located in Uganda, for many years. Taking her experience to Peru, we have been blessed to have Diana on the Board. 

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Rich Howard

Board Member

Rich is a co-founder of the marriage and family wellness nonprofit OneFamily. With a career in business, Rich brings a unique perspective to nonprofit management, fundraising and outreach. He is a father of two young men and has a desire to help more men become strong leaders in their marriages and families. 

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Shelly Howard

Nonvoting Board Member

Shelly has worked in Christian ministry for over a decade leading marriage and parenting classes at Churches and MOPS groups. She is a co-founder of OneFamily, a mom of two and a remarkable Christian believer. In recent years she has led the charge to translate all the OneFamily parenting curriculum into Spanish to reach an even greater audience. 


Sue Arno


Sue has worked in finance most of her career. With decades of experience in bookkeeping and administration, she recently retired and has taken on nonprofit work. Native to New Zealand, a wife, mother and grandma, Sue has a strong faith in Jesus and a desire to help others by volunteering at her church.


Paul Howald


Paul has worked as a Commercial Real Estate Developer & Broker his entire career. He is an expert in corporate operations, a business owner and volunteers his time for countless Christian efforts through his local church. Paul is an asset to The Pucusana Project as our secretary and advisor. 


Board Position Available

Board Member

We are currently seeking one more Board Member. If you are interested and feel God is leading you to be a part of this ministry, please feel free to contact us.


Elena Prado

Project & Team Leader

Through her Peruvian nonprofit, Elena facilitates all our projects in Pucusana. Speaking Spanish, English and French, she has been an educator for over 30 years. With an extraordinary faith, she seeks to help her impoverished community and show them how to have a relationship with Christ.


Isaac Cornejo Prado

Project & Team Leader

Isaac is our adult education teacher and project manager as well as property care-taker. He led all our Covid food relief distributions and has volunteered for all our events. Well connected and a family man, Isaac has a business degree, owns a small car wash in Pucusana and is fluent in English & Spanish.


Our Volunteers

Volunteer Teams

The Pucusana Project has many volunteers who help facilitate our projects and classes. Even during the Covid pandemic, we had a dozen volunteers who helped distribute food to the starving. Our courageous volunteers consist of past alumni, teachers, parents and residents who want to improve their community. 

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