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Plastic Waste and Tote Bags

Plastic pollution is out of control. And our oceans get the worst of it. Pucusana is a fishing village with devastating poverty and where you find poverty, you usually find lots of single use trash. The average impoverished person doesn’t understand why throwing trash on the ground or straight into the ocean is wrong. Over the past 15 years the fisherman themselves have actually been the worst contributors to the pollution issues Pucusana faces. 😱

But praise be to God that there are people like Miriam Sánchez Díaz and her husband.

Instead of becoming victims to their impoverished circumstances, they have decided to take a stand against plastic use. Miriam and her husband (who is an artist) are dedicated to making cloth grocery tote bags 👜 so that the people in Pucusana have an option to stop using plastic ones.

This is how we end poverty and save the ocean! By supporting small business who support positive community change. By purchasing Miriam’s bags, their business will grow helping the take steps out of poverty all the while spreading the word about pollution and changing how this community views it. The Pucusana Project is proud to support Sánchez Díaz Bags through our partner ministry in Pucusana - Educational and Cultural Association of the IEP Pierre Laplace.


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