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Stage 1 - 70,000 dollars

We are so excited to announce that we are finally moving back toward our pre-pandemic programs and projects, starting with building our new school facility.

For almost 20 years, this ministry partnered with the only Christian High School in Pucusana. That school was known for its excellence and quality teachers. With 100 students, we had a 100% graduation rate and a 90% collage acceptance rate. Compare that to the high drop-out rate, mainly 14 year old boys, and a 2% college acceptance rate in the public school system. Most adults in Pucusana struggle to read past a 6th grade reading level because of the poor quality of education they have received. All of this inhibits adults from obtaining high paying jobs, which is why Pucusana struggles to have successful businesses outside of basic touristy shops, restaurants and the fishing industry.

It is clear that for a young person to have a better future, the first step is by having a decent school available to attend. For generational poverty to end, we must provide a quality education and stable business opportunities. Our ministry used to do this and we want to do this again. With the pandemic slowly coming to a close, reopening and providing an exceptional Christian private school in Pucusana is essential and therefore our top priority.

By using the same self-sustainable model and student sponsorship program as our past high school, we know our future school will be successful in helping the next generation have a quality education that leads to profitable careers. We will also continue offering business training courses to adults, especially single mothers, who are motivated to provide for their families by stepping out of poverty and into successful jobs.

We already have a property picked out and it’s in a great location for those we serve! All we need to do is purchase it, build walls to secure it and then begin construction on our future school. We have a 5 stage plan for building our facility and we are beginning it all now!

For stage 1, we need to raise $70,000 to buy the property and build the walls.

In the end, our facility will encompass Elementary, Middle, and High School with multiple playgrounds, recreational fields, and garden areas. We’ll have three 3-story buildings for all our classrooms, a library, computer lab, science lab, cafeteria and music room. This facility will also house spaces for our adult training programs and a room for a future church.

Our future facility will be unlike anything else offered in Pucusana or the surrounding cities. It will truly be a place for our community to succeed by giving hope and an opportunity for a better future.

By donating to this cause, you WILL change lives and help end generational poverty in Pucusana Peru. We are in this for the long haul and promise to dedicate the time and energy necessary to create long-term, positive change in Pucusana.

For more information, visit our website and click on the “Buy a Brick” tab. Then, please consider donating to The Pucusana Project, ANY amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

~Allison Wallace~

President of The Pucusana Project


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